About Magor

  The company was established in 1971 by Oded Ronen and partners, and ever since then the company has been managed by Oded Ronen. The company made a share issue on the stock exchange market in 1981, and its shares were traded until 2003, when it again became a private company.
From 1971 to 1990 the company engaged in numerous fields of activity, such as:  vehicle services, manufacture of compressors and pumps, manufacture and marketing of furniture.
Since 1990 the company has engaged solely in the subject of hotel real estate. The company has recently sold its interests in hotels. Since 1990 until now,  the company has initiated and carried out projects in collaboration with the largest real estate companies in Israel.
The following is a description of several large projects initiated by the company and carried out with partners

The Hutzot Hamifratz project in Haifa - Partnership with Ofer Brothers Ltd., Kur Properties Ltd., and Ashtrom Properties Ltd. This partnership was managed by Oded Ronen, who initiated the purchase of 150 dunams, for the sum of $18 million, and the construction of the first commercial power center in Israel, comprising about 80,000 sq.m. of buildings for leasing. The company sold its share in this partnership several years ago.
The Blue Marina project in Ashdod - Partnership with Ashtrom Properties Ltd. and Diur Ltd. (a subsidiary of Bank Hapoalim), for the construction of the marina in Ashdod, as well as the development and construction of the area of the marina.
The cost of purchasing the land (about 600 dunams) and the construction of the marina, was approximately $80 million. On this land it will be possible to construct about 250,000 sq.m. of residential buildings, hotels, and commercial buildings. Up to now about 100,000 sq.m. of residential buildings have been constructed, comprising about 700 apartments. The management of the partnership is the responsibility of Oded Ronen who is continuing to plan and develop the remaining areas of building permitted for residential, commercial, and hotel purposes.

The Galia project near Rehovot - Partnership with Shikun Ovdim, Ashdar, and Fishman, for the purchase of land for about 1500 housing units, a deal made with Moshav Galia. The partnership undertook the development of the area and the construction of residential buildings, and paying about 30% of the income from the sale of the apartments to the moshav, as a payment for the land. Up to now about 600 apartments have been sold in this project. The company sold its part in the partnership several years ago.
Construction of a luxurious office building in Herzliya - Partnership with Ofer Brothers Ltd. The company has constructed a building comprising about 30,000 sq.m. of office space, a car parking area, and commercial areas, in the city of Herzliya. The cost of the construction and land was approximately $25 million. Oded Ronen managed the construction of the building and its leasing to Cellcom Ltd. (the franchisee of the cellular phone network). The company sold its share several years ago.

Projects initiated by the company and carried out without partners
Construction of a logistical center in the Lod Industrial Zone
- The company purchased 70 dunams for the sum of about $7 million, and constructed a building complex for logistical warehouses in an area of  24,000 sq.m. at a cost of about $16 million .
Construction of a logistical and commercial center in Holon - The company purchased 50 dunams in the industrial zone, constructed  and renovated about 30,000 sq.m. of buildings for warehouses and commercial purposes. The cost of purchase and construction was about $15 million. The warehouse buildings were sold and the commercial building, (about 10,000 sq.m.) is leased.
Construction of a logistical center in Petah Tikva - The company purchased 30 dunams and converted the buildings into logistical warehouses, which were later sold. The cost of the purchase and construction was about $8 million.
Construction of a logistical center in Rishon LeZion - The company purchased about 50 dunams, on which there were buildings of a total area of 10,000 sq.m.. The company renovated and sold them. The transaction was about $10 million.
Initiation and construction of an addition to the Nirvana Hotel on the Dead Sea - The company initiated, planned, and constructed an additional building to the hotel also renovated the Nirvana Hotel owned by Neot Magor Initiatives and Construction Ltd. (formerly Lifshir Ltd.). The construction and renovation was in an area of about 30,000 sq.m., an investment of about $35 million. The subsidiary sold the hotel several years ago.